Computing Club

So tonight was the first session of my computing club for this year. I’ve run it in previous years and concentrated purely on coding.  I’ll continue doing the coding but I’m also going to do some other things with the children as well.  This has come from feedback from the children who have attended previously.

So, we’re also going to look at the evolution of gaming and computing and we’re going to get some broken PCs to open up and physically look at the hardware and figure out what it can do.

From there I’d love to get a raspberry pi or Bbc micro to work on with the kids.

I love my computing club, it’s nice to challenge the children I have and myself and the collective joy at discovering how to “make that sprite bounce off the wall” for example, is something absolutely wonderful. In lots of ways, I’m not a teacher at this point, I’m a collaborator and we’re on this journey together. 

So I’m really excited for this. Now to get other teachers enthused about it all!


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