A new year is always a time to reflect on the year that passed, and to think about the future.

2016 was a shocker of a year in general, but for me it was pretty good. After years, I finally came off antidepressants, and despite my concerns, have yet to slump back into depression. Paired with that I started going to the gym and trying to eat right. Also, I had a change of year group in work and am finding that I am less stressed and generally feel less burnt out by the end of a term.  So here is my wish list for this year.


1) Continue to work hard for every child in my class

2) Continue to support other teachers and gratefully accept support from others

3) Oversee a successful transition from us having a computer room to using mobile technology and ensure all staff are as comfortable with new tech as possible

4) Extend the work of Digital Leaders within school

1) When I moved year groups, I joined a class that have wider opportunities violin. I played the violin from 6 years old until I was 18 and joining in with the kids has made me realise how much I missed it – so I’m going back to having lessons privately again. It seemed a shame to leave that skill behind after so long.

2) Couch to 5K – in my quest to be healthier and happier I need to get out and do more. So I’m setting myself this as a challenge.

3) Continue to improve my work/life balance.