End of year

I warned you I was terrible at this. 

We’re now into the second week of the summer holidays. I’ve been reflecting on things from this year and thinking about next year.

I started using more active learning this year, following Bryn Llewelyn’s talk at Primary Rocks Live. It’s been the biggest change to my teaching in the latter half of the year. I was worried that it might be gimmicky, but the positives have been amazing. Getting the children up and moving really helped some of them to process problem solving etc. I’ve been concentrating on using it for maths, running about and jumping while practicing recall of facts etc. Now I want to use it in other areas of the curriculum. I’m thinking about spelling especially.  The children I am receiving next year respond better to more active approach so I will be continuing to work on this.

My big challenge next year is to really get all the staff skilled up and on board with computing. I’ll be negotiating time for training practically, and working with other members of staff to support them. 

My other challenge: Google Classroom. We had to get rid of our IT suite this year as numbers on roll are increasing and we needed more space. We’ve replaced with chromebooks. So I want to really get into how to utilise these, again so I can support the other members of staff in school. (I was happy to find that they connected to my ProWise screen though).

Last thing: to try and keep up with this blog next year.