New Tech Tuesday

It’s half term and I’ve got a new toy. I wasn’t intending to go into work, but towards the end of a 5 mile walk with the dog I got a phone call from our friendly technician. He explained that a screen bought for the head’s office was now going to be going into my room, and I should perhaps come in because due to its weight it can’t go on the wall that was previously occupied by my SMART board.

So, it’s a 70-odd inch ProWise screen. 

It connects to my laptop via hdmi and USB (for the interactive features). Image is HD quality and sound level is easily comparable to the speakers I had for my smartboard.

The ProWise software seems to be a far more modern and beefier version of smart notebook. All the usual tools are there, including a handwriting to type feature, protractor, ruler and various backgrounds including isometric dots, grids of various sizes etc.  I love the fountain pen writing. 

As a left hander, I often struggle to write on smart boards, but honestly on this my handwriting was beautiful. 

An additional feature is the ability to search YouTube and watch videos from within the software and minus those pesky adverts.

The software also enable devices to “join” to play games and work collaboratively.

This is off a very quick “play” with the board and the software. I’ll be able to write in more detail after using it with my class. Plus, I had 2 hours after the technicians finished to sort out my classroom so that was the priority.

I’m really excited to explore this bit of technology further.


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